ti-pe 12-20
la-su 12-18

Lena Séraphin

Every model was exposed to a story of pursuit before the session. Story could be the following, and this is also the text describing my work:

You are part of a team of kidnappers. Seven months ago the team agreed to kidnap the ceo of Randex Ltd in the Museum of Finnish Art, Helsinki. As a ransom you demand 800 000 Euros or a free access to the Randex database. You are placed in the building from 3.30P.M., at 3.50 A.M. Ralph De Kich is to enter the building.. At sight you make this sign (left hand touches belt buckle). Then leave the building.

"I Can´t Remember Why I´m Here (Waiting for the right move)"
valokuva, 2002

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